I never knew I needed an Electric Bike

I never knew I needed an e-bike. However, in less than 1 minute of riding my 1st electric bike I was an instant believer. In fact, it felt the same way after skiing on my 1st pair of “shaped skis” okay I am dating myself here on the ski thing. But anyone my age or older skied on skis that were essentially straight as an arrow and up to 210cm long. We were fine with them. I distinctly remember myself and many others saying, “why do I need shaped skis? I’ve been skiing my entire life and I don’t need help to turn.” However, taking 1 turn on shaped skis made us all instant converts.
Why are e-bikes suddenly so popular? The trend started in Europe and is now in full swing in Canada. Obviously with e-bikes there is quite a bit of recent technology development that has allowed us to get to where we are today. The batteries and motors are smaller, more efficient, and fully integrated into the frames. It’s getting increasingly more difficult to distinguish between an e-bike and non-ebike.
I still enjoy my non-electric road bike and mountain bikes. I need the satisfaction of fully self-propelled sport mixed with the odd type 2 fun suffer-fest. However, there are so many times in my own life that an e-bike is exactly the right tool for the job. Getting places on a bike is way more fun than driving and you can do it in your regular cloths with out sweating. This makes going to work, the store, café, brewery or cruising the neighbourhood so much more convenient and pleasant.
I think there is a place for an e-bike in everyone’s life-even the true purists. There are a ton of different styles that suit just about any activity: urban step thru frames, commuters, mountain e-bikes, road and gravel e-bikes, and folding e-bikes. Its important to buy quality. Especially if you want years of reliable transportation. There are many good brands however I suggested checking out Fantic Bikes and if you live in the Vancouver area visit Motor Pony Electric e-Rides.
I have watched many people try their 1st e-bike and the one universal experience is that everyone returns with a smile. Try one, you wont regret it.

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