Niu Electric Scooters are Possibly the Most Cost-efficient Urban Mobility Solution Ever

The electric scooters from Niu Technologies deliver unbelievable performance and value.  Oh and there’s no insurance and no license required.

Featuring top name brand engines and batteries -think Bosch and Panasonic, regenerative breaking and a best in class App/Smart system that provides live diagnostics, GPS tracking, six-axis sensor alarm with push notifications for unauthorized movement with geolocation. 

They also look amazing! 

The Niu UQi Pro has a max speed of 32K/Hr and is so no insurance and no license is required.  At only $2599 its features and functionality cannot be beat as a tool to get around town that this price point.  In our test rides we found them to be very easy to operate and maneuver due to its well-designed frame and wheel base.

Getting to work, school, café or the store has never been easier, more cost efficient and fun.

Motor Pony Electric is the Vancouver dealer for Niu Brand electric Scooters.  They do test rides, sales and direct to home delivery.

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