The thrill of the uphill on an e-Bike

Living on the side of a mountain has many advantages… gorgeous views, proximity to beautiful natural places, skiing, hiking, and biking literally at your doorstep. As a lifelong north shore resident, I have taken advantage of all these things at one time or another – well almost all. The biking is one I have managed to avoid. Primarily because I do live on a hill, and the idea of having to struggle home after going anywhere at all is just not appealing. I often see people on bikes fighting their way up the big hills in my neighborhood and I think to myself… I am too tired to be doing that after working all day. It just does not look like fun. The sweat, the grimace, right down to the easiest gear, pedals spinning like crazy weaving dangerously close to traffic… ya, no thanks.
But my attitude changed the minute I tried an ebike.

How can I explain the feeling of zooming up a hill on a bike? It’s all the fun of going downhill but with the added thrill of a free ride or a big boost… like that feeling when someone gives you a push on skates… unexpected and really, really fun. After getting over the initial thrill of it, you realize an ebike opens up all kinds of possibilities. Suddenly biking to work seems like a pretty good idea. Going to the pub or out for dinner? Leave the car at home. The ebike also lets me explore parts of my own neighborhood that I would not normally bike to- which is pretty much everywhere here on the mountain.

Now for the purists – I get it. Hills are a good and challenging part of biking – they provide the sweat – the workout and the triumph of getting to the top. But for everyday back and forth? Or for carrying a small cargo or commuting to work and wearing regular clothes while you do it? Ebikes are a game changer. A true innovation that could potentially change the way entire communities get around.
Ebikes open biking up to a much wider group of users – and thanks to an ever-expanding network of bike lanes and routes- those users can actually get from a to b safely and efficiently. E-bikes are a viable urban option to a car and have become an attractive option to mass transit in the post pandemic world.
Just try one… you’ll see.
And all the fun you’ll have riding it? That’s just a bonus.

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