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Looking to buy an electric scooter? Good idea. E scooters are a clean, reliable and affordable form of transportation whose time has come.  

We are proud to be the premier Niu Dealer in Vancouver. Niu is among the largest and best scooter manufacturers in the world. At the forefront of technology development for electric scooters and motorcycles, Nui is one of the most progressive e-vehicle designers and manufacturers. They are a true global leader in electric vehicles for urban mobility.

Their technology is second to none. Considering the fact that they have Bosch motors, world class 4th Generation NIU Energy lithium battery technology, and live onboard GPS tracking & diagnostics, Niu has created the perfect combination of quality, style, technology and price. 

Now available to buy in Canada, we proudly represent the Niu UQi Pro. Starting at just $2599, we think the UQi Pro is the most cost efficient and fun to ride electric scooter on the market in Canada. This e scooter represents the best of these features. A lightweight battery, comfortable ride, and a range of up to 40k make it the perfect electric scooter for getting around.

Although the Niu UQi Pro e scooter is built for adults (min 16 yrs old), riding one will make you feel like a kid again. They are so fun to ride. You will be looking for excuses to get out and use it to go on everyday adventures.

A trip to the store, market or park are elevated to a new level of fun. Heading out to a café or restaurant on your electric scooter is an extra fun time. We are lucky in Vancouver that we can ride them year-round.

Getting around is better when you are connected. Stay smart and connected with the live dashboard, navigation, ride stats, route history and GPS tracking with the NIU app. You can check your battery life, track your recent rides and find the closest service station. It gives you real-time visibility on the status of your electric scooter and turns your e-ride into a whole new experience.

At a fraction of the price of an electric car, or any car for that matter, the Niu UQi Pro electric scooter is clearly a smart e-vehicle to buy. Not only is the price low, at Motor Pony Electric, we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” program where you can pay in a series of convenient monthly installments.

Electric scooters are very environmentally friendly because they produce zero emissions.  Purchasing an e scooter is a choice taken towards a healthier planet. A very healthy reason to seriously consider purchasing an e scooter in Canada. Using a battery charger with a battery charging time of just 4 hours to reach 100%, doing good for our planet just got easier.

Niu scooters have been driven over 8 billion kilometres with industry leading reliability. However, for peace of mind, these electric scooters also come with a two year warranty. Motor Pony Electric is here to help you with all your scooter buying, test riding and servicing needs. We are offer our electric scooter online store here, or, if you prefer to see the our Niu electric scooter adult style, in person, visit us at our shop in Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver.

Anti Theft Protection: Theft and security is always a concern and Niu has an impressive set of features to keep your mind at ease. The handle bars can be locked to the side making it very difficult to move. There is an alarm that detects any disturbance. Once the scooter is armed it will notify you via push notification to your smart phone and show live GPS position of the scooter.

Check out our blog post that Illustrates just how cool this locator is.

Depending on how you plan to use your electric scooter in Canada, and your budget, you can choose from many accessory options to customize the escooter to suit your needs.  Colourful rear tail boxes (in blue, red, yellow, white and black), central carriers, cell phone holders and even rear seat options are great options. Motor Pony Electric stocks most available accessories. You can see our selection of Niu Accessories on our online catalogue.

The scooters in Canada come in Red, Blue, White, and black with red strip. The tail are available in the matching colours.

Niu UQi Pro electric scooter specifications: They have a Motor speed limit is 32 Km/Hr. There is no resistance from the motor so the scooter will coast faster than 32 down a hill. They also have regenerative braking and fully operational pedals that can propel the scooter. The ideal e scooter for adults.

No Driver’s License is required. No Insurance is required. Must be 16 years of age to ride. Contact us today for sales and test rides of Niu electric scooter in the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada region.

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2 products