About Us

At Motor Pony Electric we sell power assisted bikes and fully electric scooters in North Vancouver, Canada. We are family owned and operated and have been living and working here on the North shore for over 40 years. During that time, we have sold many kinds of products, but sometimes (just like falling in love) you come across something that just takes your breath away. For us, this particular love affair began with the power assisted bicycle or e-bike. 

When you live on the side of a mountain, the electric assist bike is a game-changer. It opens a whole new realm of riding – to all kinds of people. Our e-bikes are specially selected for our terrain and our city. 

Chances are, you have already seen commuters zipping up a hill on a power assisted bike. Or maybe one passed you by as you were sitting in traffic? If riding an e-bike looks easy and fun, you see it that way because it is!

Then we found the e-scooter. Our Niu brand electric ride-on scooters are among the most widely ridden in the world. Clean, quiet, reliable and most of all fun, this line of electric scooters simply must be ridden to be believed.

We currently offer two models from Niu, the UQi Pro that operates like an electric bike with a rated speed of up to 32Km/Hr and the NQi GT that is a Limited Speed Motorcycle and is rated up to 70Km/Hr. 

We plan to carry a growing inventory of accessories for our growing community of e-riders. Electric assist bikes and e-scooters require slightly different gear to ride in this climate and we hope to be able to supply whatever our customers need to make riding safer and more comfortable. 

 If you are “e-curious” and want to try an electric power assisted bike or scooter, there has never been a better time to do so. Come to our brand-new store in Lolo lane in the Ship Yards District of North Vancouver and have look. LoLo lane is located between Esplanade St and 1st Street in the 1st block east of Lonsdale. If you rent an e-bike or scooter from us and later decide to purchase, your rental fee will be deducted from the price. 

At Motor Pony Electric, we hope that electric power assisted bikes and scooters will not only change people’s lives, but that they will change communities as well.  Fortunately, we live in a city that has embraced the promise of clean commuting with a growing network of Micro-mobility lanes. What we now call bike lanes will soon be referred to as micro-mobility lanes to accommodate the necessary growing range of clean transportation options for getting us where we need go. 

It is an exciting time for anyone with an interest in e-mobility, with more options becoming available in Canada every year. 

At Motor Pony we want to be a part of that journey. So, come on in and take one out for a spin. You might just fall in love too.

Look forward to seeing you on the road and trails!

p: +1-604-245-0432

e: csr@motorponyelectric.com

121A East 1st Street North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B2 (entrance in Alley-LoLo Lane)