FAQs about Motor Pony Electric

We specialize in high quality electric bikes and scooters. We offer sales, service and rentals.

We are located conveniently in Lower Lonsdale very close to Sea Bus terminal and Spirit Trail Pathway in North Vancouver.

We only stock trusted quality European designed, engineered and assembled e-bike brands.  This ensures reliability so you get where you want to and confidence in your investment.

Contact us via phone or email to set up an appointment or drop by our shop.

Ph: 604-245-0432

email: csr@motorponyelectric.com

Rental FAQ's

Minimum rider age for e-bikes is 16 years if accompanied by an adult and 18 years of age as an individual. Although riders age 18 and up do not require a driver’s licence, they must show valid picture ID and proof of age (either a valid driver’s license, ID card, or passport will do) before riding with us.  We also require a credit card for pre-authorization in the amount of the value of the ebike and that all riders, understand, and sign our waiver release and rental agreement.

Please contact us at:

p: 604-245-0432 

e: csr@motorponyelectric.com

All riders must have a valid piece of photo ID and proof of age (i.e. driving license, ID card, passport, etc.) and a credit card for pre-authorization purposes.  We also recommend proper footwear and that you bring your own helmet-However we do offer free helmets for rentals that have been sterilized after each use.

You can rent for a Half Day (3 hours) or Full Day (Open to close)

please see our rentals page or contact us for full details.

The North Shore has extensive network of bike friendly lanes and routes.  

Contact us and we are more than happy to provide you a customized route for your trip plan.

Riders are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of the rental e-bike or any parts of the e-bike as outlined in our waiver.

We provide a lock for all rentals however locks cannot prevent all thefts.

Riders are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate coverage through their personal accident and liability insurance plan. Motor Pony Electric is not, under any circumstances, responsible for accidents or damages caused by the rider or by any third party involved.

e-Bike FAQ's

All ebikes that are sold by Motor Pony Electric comply with the Regulations of BC.  e-bike motors will assist riders up to a maximum of 32km/hr.  However there is nothing to prevent a rider from peddling their ebike faster than 32 km/hr.  The motor will stop producing power if a bike exceeds 32km/hr.

The distance and or time that you can get assisted power from your ebike will depend on many factors.   The specification of the particular bike, the steepness of the hills and level of assist that is selected.  The bikes are very efficient and will easily last for just about any ride you can conceive.  There is no resistance from the motor so if you run out of battery power you can just pedal the bike home.  Because this varies by bike it is best to contact us for specific details on each bike.

You need to be 16 years of age.

The cost of electric bikes is highly dependent on quality and features. A system that will provide years of reliability, adequate power & range will necessarily cost more than cheap imports. Price range of our ebikes is $2599-$6399

All electric bikes have some form of electric motor that is powered by a battery. There are two main type so electric bike motors hub-drive and mid-drive. Typically hub drive motors are more cost efficient but do not provide the high torque that a mid drive motor can for climbing hills. Most ebikes use Lithium batteries of varying sizes and capacity. Consider how much range you need for your longest planned rides.

It depends. It is best to check with the park regulations. Often trails are designated for specific activities including walking, riding etc. Some are Mulit-use, some are bike only and others are walking only.

The life span of an electric bike battery will depend on a number of factors.

Typically they should last between 3-5 years. Higher quality batteries will last longer. Following the manufacturers recommendations for battery care will lengthen the life of your battery.

Do not store your battery discharged. Keep the battery between 20-80% charged.

Do not store the battery in low temperatures for long periods.

Motor Pony Electric offers free test rides and demos and our store is located near quiet streets that allow for safe riding. We will get you paired with the best type of ebike to suit your needs as well as ensure proper fit.

All ebikes have to have functioning peddles in order to be legal. You can set the motor to do as much or as little of the work for you as you wish. True peddle assist ebikes require you to peddle in order for the motor to engage. However many ebikes also have a throttle that you can press and let the motor to all of the work.

Electric bikes operate mostly like any regular bike with the exception of the motor. Operating the control mechanism for the motor is very simple and easily learned within the 1st ride or two.

Thrilling! Zipping through the neighbourhood effortlessly and silently is a huge amount of fun. You will quickly discover all kinds of occasions where an ebike is so much more practical and fun to use versus a car for commuting, shopping, errands etc.

The simple answer is the ebike that best suits your budget, needs and has the right size fit. This will be different for everyone.

Consider how you will use it? What type of riding will you be doing? Mountain, Trail, Road, mixed surface? How far/long are your rides? Will you be shopping, commuting or just going on pleasure rides? How hilly are your rides going to be?

Find answers to these questions and it will help you be prepared for when you go to a bike shop because these are the questions they are going to ask you.